Great Coaching with
Breadth and Depth

Whether you need the breadth of experience that comes with group coaching or the depth and focus that private coaching allows, you're covered.

Group Coaching

To unlock your career, nothing beats the power and impact of a small curated group of experts & leaders who meet monthly. This group is structured with one curated topic a month - so that you keep up-to-speed with the best leadership methods before diving into a group discussion where people can bring their challenges to the group.
The benefits of a worldwide network of like-minded leaders often need to be discovered and therefore underestimated in the corporate world. Yet, these curated monthly meetings are the best answer to our challenges.
Meaningful multi-continental network
Carefully curated topics on Leadership
Group of expert leaders
Small groups of up to a dozen people

Meaningful multi-continental network

Each month you and the other members of your group can participate in a private 60-minute coaching session. You can ask your group and coach for a fresh perspective and guidance on handling an issue you currently have. Nobody will tell you what to do, and the group will help you find the solution yourself. That's a combination of respect, support and expertise. The group member creates deeper rapport and new networks, further supporting career growth.

Breadth of Experience

In these coaching sessions you not only get help to resolve your own issues but you benefit from help other receive. That's because the situations they are facing are often relevant to you also. So in being part of a group you get to share in the groups collective experiences and knowledge. Not everyone will want or need to share something at every session and that's ok.

Small group of up to a dozen people

When groups are too large, it's difficult to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be coached. There is just not enough time to allow everyone to ask questions. On the other hand, when groups are smaller you have much more "individual" attention but that also means that you cannot benefit from the collective experiences and coaching of others as much. We found that groups from 4 to 12 people work well.

Recorded Sessions

Group coaching sessions are recorded and are available only to the group members. It allows people who could not attend to listen to the sessions. It also allows group members to go back and listen again to further their understanding of an issue. After about 6 months, the sessions do get deleted.

Private Coaching

Members of the "Accelerated" plan are also eligible for a monthly 60 minute private coaching session. In these sessions you get the undivided attention of your coach for the entire hour. This allows you to focus-in on issues that are important to you and get to resolution much faster.
Monthly 60-minute session
In depth & focused
Private one-on-one
Available to others on request

Monthly 60-minute sessions

Each month you get a 60-minute session where you get coached one or more topics that are important to you. This will help you resolve your issues or improve your inner-game at a much faster pace.

In depth & focused

Because you are getting your coaches undivided attention it's possible to focus-in and dive deeply into a given topic. In doing so you gain a much better understanding of the situation or problem you are facing. That's not possible in a group context because it would be unfair to the other participants.

Private one-on-one

As the name suggest, private sessions are private! They are not recorded and therefor not shared with anyone. The private sessions are there to complement the group sessions accelerate your progress  through your growth journey.

Available to others on request

Even if you are not a member of the "Accelerated" plan, your can still benefit from private coaching by purchasing a single session or a session bundle. Ask your coach about them.

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