Get the Bespoke Coaching That You Need
To Unblock Your Career

And do it without working 24/7, compromising your health or your relationships.

You keep trying to get ahead and impress your boss, and none of what you do is working. Not to mention you're so far away from your passion; how did you land here anyway?

Find out the 3 reasons you're stuck working too hard for little return and what you can do about it in this guide.

I help you through 1:1 coaching and group Masterminds

to work through what's challenging you.  

See your blindspot get the support, challenge and the action items to find balance again.
You're working till 11 pm at night, I want to help you set boundaries so you can work 8-10 hours a day.
I give you tools and tips in a proven yet flexible framework.
After leading in C-suite positions, I thought I knew it all. A very challenging work situation showed me otherwise & Laurence helped me. Consequently, my sleep, performance, and happiness at work have improved tremendously. 
Christian Loyer, Head of Partner Development, i-Nexus, London UK

Just Commit

I have worked with many leaders who have grown fearful of advancing their careers or even leaving a toxic workplace.

I had clients who worked till midnight and had zero life balance, and it caused ripples in their relationships and insomnia because, by the time they finished working, they needed decompression time.

And once we work together and focus on specific strategies, their health problems disappear.
That's when they can face their next career challenge and thrive.
Book a confidential breakthrough call to see if this program could fit your needs. I'm happy to refer you to other options if that's what you need.
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Laurence intervened fast… The results came out very quickly: combining individual coaching and collective work made a difference.
Sandro Rosselet, Senior Director, Public Sector, Vaud, Switzerland
Since my journey with MP4X Executives Programme, I've been supported to rethink my leadership principles and priorities. As a result, this has enabled me to increase my energy, improve my well-being, and feel more connected while working towards higher goals in service to others. I value my value. My long days leave me energised, not exhausted." 
Quyn-Tram Trinh, Non - Executive Director, Melbourne, Australia
Thanks to Laurence's energetic coaching style, I regained confidence in my leadership style. She was highly supportive and respected my background and decisions, a refreshing change from other coaches. With newfound strength, I am driven and empowered to pursue my goals.
Sonya B, Fundraising, Switzerland

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