My first global leadership workshop in an F100.
That’s the number of nationalities I worked with.
The number of people I worked with since I started back then.

It started with a simple idea.

The idea behind The Growth Fuel is simple. All life processes need fuel, and our complex lives are no exception. We need physical fuel such as food, water and heat for our bodies. We also need "inner" fuel for our souls to grow and find purpose in our lives in an ever-challenging and complex world. The Growth Fuel is born from that idea.

What is it?

The Growth Fuel is the bespoke programme that fuels your inner game. It helps you realise that you probably already have all the hard skills your need to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. It can teach some soft skills, and more importantly, it will allow you to feel grounded and secure in your capacity to attain those goals. The Growth Fuel is sustainable and encourages good and healthy habits for a sound mind in a healthy body.

In essence, "The Growth Fuel" allows you to regain control and responsibility for making big life changes.

...now we’re here

Hi! I'm Laurence, the founder of The Growth Fuel.  My purpose (and passion) is to see leaders rediscover their strengths and regain their self-confidence to face new challenges head-on. I’m the founder of a digital boutique in leadership coaching that helps leaders across the globe reinvent themselves and thrive after major career or life changes or even setbacks. 

I’ve had over two decades of experience in helping leaders like you drive your change, so you can start prioritising yourself and creating the life and career you want.

When old ways can’t help you get out of the weeds and where you want to go, I help you see the forest from the trees and find your new path.

And what do I love above all? Every coaching unfolds differently, yet it is a similar process you go through.

big And that’s why it’s so important to underline: change is your choice. After that, we’re the boutique coaching place so that you get the support and challenge you need to reach your goals. You thrive again because you drive your change.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Ambitious & Achievable

You're here, so that means you're open and driven to change. The key to success? Work on your inner strength, and laser focus on ONE change.

2. Good For People

I make it about you and only you. My goal is to give you the space, support and challenge you need in a bespoke programme.

3. Choose your path

The result of our work has shown us, in our own lives and those of our clients, it is possible to have a healthy, balanced life when you have the right plan in place. It’s possible for you too!

4. Ever improve

I'm passionate about continuous improvement, so I nurture a network of experts in their field and always share my latest output with my clients.

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