My first global leadership workshop in an F100.
That’s the number of nationalities I worked with.
The number of people I worked with since I started.

It started with a simple idea.

The idea behind The Growth Fuel is simple. We are the actors of our life, and we must switch from running away - making excuses with our workload, boss, organisation, and partner's situation... and facing our challenges.

And here's the catch. No one will defend our interests as well as we do. You know it. Your organisation may fit yours partially, yet you need more to continue to grow and face your unique challenges.

And as all life processes need fuel, our complex lives are no exception. Our bodies need physical fuel such as food, water and heat. We also need "inner" fuel - strength to face challenges, grow and find purpose in an ever-challenging and complex world. The Growth Fuel is born from that idea.

What is it?

MP4X is the bespoke framework that fuels your inner game to unlock your next career move.

As you know, what got you there cannot unlock your next career move.
That's why you need a new skill set for the unique challenges you're facing today.

Welcome to your career version 2 or even version 3.

When old ways can’t help you get out of the weeds and where you want to go, I help you see the forest from the trees and find your new path.

And that’s why it’s so important and empowering: change is your choice.

Hi! I'm Laurence
I got started with this framework because I  once struggled, and so many other friends and colleagues,  into "feel good" coaching, or click baits - which do not help address the root cause of their problems. And I got tired of seing people suffer, lack sleep at night while showing up for their teams during the day.
I would love to ahve you understnda to. The framework I created - and continue to add to everyday - is not about a cosmetic patch; it's about the real work to address real life challenges.

And once you commit, take action and stay consistent, you can unlock your next big move and find balance again.

What does a customised approach & proven framework bring you?

1. Ambitious & Achievable

You're here, so you're open and driven to change. The key to success? Commit to showing up, being honest and doing the work.

There's no magic pill, and you'll need to be consistent. And I'll be right alongside you to challenge and support you.

2. Personalised & approchable

This space and framework are about you and only you. That's why I work with you  - high touch - so you get the attention you need to reach your goals.
Imagine the difference between 1:1 and small catered groups here versus 1 out of 100 or 1000 elsewhere.

3. Craft your program

You have a unique background, life, culture, and goals. Your experience, failures, and successes shaped you.
Now is the time to choose your next adventure— and I'll adapt the framework to your experience, personality preferences and current challenges.

4. High-quality support

You are driven, pushing your boundaries and competent.
I aim to improve and reach my full potential constantly. Working with experts in different fields allows me to give you the best Leadership skills in a pragmatic manner so you get to implement them right away.

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